Automatic Centrifugal Brakes

  • Designed to stop a load in motion
  • 100% failsafe
  • Widely customizable
  • Rapid custom development and integration
Packaged Winch Systems


CertaStop has partnered with its parent company, Protech, to offer completely turn key packaged winches and hoists. Protech is a UL listed 508 panel shop and offers a complete line of hoisting and rigging solutions for material handling, entertainment, and the military. All hoists are equiped with SEW Eurodrive gear motors and come standard with CertaStop brakes. All equipment and control systems are manufactured in house. We are eager to tackle your most challenging rigging projects!

  • More than 25 years of experience in the custom rigging industry
  • Packages available for all budgets
  • Dead haul
  • Counterweight Assist
  • Line Shaft Hoists
  • Big Drum Hoists
  • Yo Yo Drum Hoists
  • Platform lifts (LinkLift, Spiral Lift, Hydraulic, and more)
  • Touch screen and push-button controls
  • Closed loop drives with realtime fault monitoring
  • PLC programming
  • Custom drums
  • Cabling, terminations, and hardware
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Installation, Inspection, Repair, and Supervision services available worldwide


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