Automatic Centrifugal Brakes

  • Designed to stop a load in motion
  • 100% failsafe
  • Widely customizable
  • Rapid custom development and integration
Non-Life Safety Brakes (Industrial)


CertaStop now offers certain models without life safety certification at significantly lower cost for our most popular models. We take great pride in our stringent qualification standards, however we recognise that they are often not neccesary for applications which are not life safety critical. If your machinery is not and cannot be used to transport personnel or used for lifting overhead of personnel, the Express line of CertaStop brakes allows our customers to add fall arrest protection for up to 40% less than certified models. CertaStop will always continue to produce its standard line of brakes for applications which require life safety certifiction.

While still guaranteed to perform to the same standards as our standard brakes, the Express line carries less liability ensurance, allows for somewhat reduced FoS, and does not recieve the same level of testing prior to shipment. Please note that bore size customization is not available without signicant order quantity in the express line and lead times may be longer.

The following models are currently availble in the Express line of CertaStop Brakes. 

Size Torque rating (lb-in) Part number Shaft Diameter (inches)
12 inch 14,790 64-1200E 2
16 inch 41,250 64-1600E 3

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